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Salamanca Luxury Plaza
Experience Salamanca

Salamanca Luxury Plaza is located in an unbeatable location, in the heart of the historic center: the Plaza Mayor.

Get lost in the streets of this World Heritage city and appreciate the centuries of history and art with outstanding architectural examples of different styles: Romanesque, Gothic, Plateresque...

Start planning your trip and discover a unique destination!

Plaza Mayor

The Plaza Mayor de Salamanca is the heart of the city and is considered the aesthetic culmination of Castilian major squares.
Baroque style highlights the beauty of its proportions and the harmonious repetition of its uniform decorative elements.

Under the arches that surround the whole square there are numerous cafes and bars.
Around the main square are the Plaza del Corrillo, the Plaza de los Bandos, and the Plaza del Mercado. The latter is under the right side of the Plaza Mayor, and sheltered by an iron structure is the market that offers the products of the Salamanca countryside.

Cathedrals of Salamanca

Salamanca has two cathedrals, two temples linked together: on the one hand, there is the Old Cathedral of the 12th – 13rd century and, on the other hand, the New of the XVI century.

The Old Cathedral is Romanesque style and it highlights the Torre del Gallo and the main altarpiece, dating from the 15thcentury.

In the New Cathedral it highlights the coral seating designed by Joaquín Churriguera in 1727.


If the Plaza Mayor symbolizes the heart of Salamanca, the university is very important too: the "factory" of knowledge of the 13th century.

The list of illustrious thinkers, writers and humanists who gave lessons in this university is a fact that reveals the importance of Salamanca University.

Casa de las Conchas

This civil building of Gothic style has Renaissance and Mudejar elements, belonging to the so-called Elizabethan art.

Its more than 300 shells attract the attention of every traveler. In the façade you can see the coat of arms of the Catholic Monarchs and four windows in Gothic style, each one having a different shape.

The entrance portal has the coat of arms of the Maldonado family, while in the architrave are dolphins, a Renaissance symbol of love, and vegetable elements (such as the Fleur de Lys).
Today, it houses the Salamanca Public Library and the information office.


The gastronomy of Salamanca stands out for its quality cold meats. Some of these products are Guijuelo ham, meat from Morucha, lentils from Armuña and wine from Arribes.

The farinato is a typical product of this region. It is a sausage made with pork fat, bread crumbs, onion, olive oil and various condiments, including aniseed.

For dessert, there are the ring-shaped pastries of Ledesma, the maimón bun or the amarguillos of La Alberca.